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Vivienne Cane-Honeysett
Chair - Walpole Friends

October 2014

Hello Walpole Friends.

Thank you to all of you who turned out for the AGM.

It was one of our busiest yet, so thank you for your commitment.

I also wanted to say a big thank you to our speakers. Helen Walker, who gave us a very informative talk on what will be happening to the Manor House & Gallery through the closure period from 2015 - 2018 along with some of the challenges facing both the Council and the Trust in keeping the spirit of Pitzhanger alive during the closure.

Many thanks also to Emma Allen the Park Manager who brought us up to date with what is happening in the Park, how the 'snagging' is being dealt with and what expectations we should have! She also highlighted the fact that now we have a wonderfully restored Park the work is not over - it still has to be managed, maintained and loved!

There were a number of changes to the Committee this time around. While myself, Sonja Garsvo and Irving Jones are still on the committee, Patrick Chapman has stepped down as Secretary.

We are very grateful for Patrick's involvement with Walpole Friends and all the work he put in right from the day we were constituted. Patrick is very busy with all sorts of other exciting projects, such as the Ealing Film and Music Festival and we wish him well.

Crossing the Field: WW1, Football & the Christmas Truce click the pic to download Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery's Final Events

The First Pitzhanger Manor Trust Annual Report click the pic to download

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The good news is that our former Ward Councillor Ann Chapman will take up the reins of Secretary. The Committee has further been strengthened by the appointment of Jackie Thompson who will be looking at a Friends Event Programme for the next few years; Rowan Schnauer - who you may know from her time with the Parks Service, has taken over the role of Treasurer from John Sears - who maintains Membership; and last but not least we are also joined by Janpal Basran who will be working with me on further community involvement.

One more word of thanks to everybody who contributed towards making the evening successful, the team at Pitzhanger, everybody who brought delicious homemade food, those who organised the drinks and finally a big thank you to the Bee Volunteers who produced our very own Walpole Honey which was sold on the night!

I look forward to bringing you all up to date with the new plans as they happen.

In the meantime do enjoy the Park, and make the most of the up and coming exhibitions and events at our wonderful Manor House and Gallery before it closes in January 2015 - to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes in 2018!

Vivienne Cane-Honeysett