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Vivienne Cane-Honeysett
Chair - Walpole Friends

July 2014

Hello Walpole Friends.

At last I can pass on to you the very good news that Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery has been successful in its second round bid to the Heritage Lottery fund for the sum of £4.42 million. This will be used to fully restore the 'Dream Home' of one of Britain's greatest architects, Sir John Soane. The house will be restored, the 1939 gallery upgraded and a new cafe built at the Ealing Green end of the kitchen garden.

The majority of our members have seen the plans many times over and will know that they have been on show in the house and at various events there, off and on over the last year or so and they have also travelled in the area for the benefit of local residents. If you are not aware of what is happening, then do visit the house and find out where you can peruse the plans.

The house will be closing to the public at the end of December and it will be carefully emptied of its furniture etc. Full renovations will start in April of next year and the house and gallery are expected to reopen in 2018. It is hoped that the new cafe/event space may be ready before that date.

This is very exciting news for Ealing as the house has been slowly deteriorating and its a real pleasure to know that it will be renovated before it reaches the point of no return. Carole Swords, the programme manager of the art gallery, whilst doing a fantastic

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job, has always been restricted by what the gallery can offer in the way of Grade A space and other amenities and so it is also exciting to know that many of these restrictions will disappear when the gallery reopens.

Please join me on congratulating Ealing Council and the manager and staff of the Manor and Gallery in this exceptional achievement. Many of you will know that it has been a very long slog, but at last, the bid is successful and we can look forward to huge improvements to the house and gallery that will match our wonderfully improved park.

Ealing Summer Festival

The Festival is now in full swing and you can see where our lovely new park is suffering rather, especially in this hot weather. Still, I am sure that plans are already afoot to repair the damage as soon as the Festival is over. I have only visited the event once this year, to see Marcus Brigstock and he was very funny indeed so a good night was had by us and all.

It is expected that the Festival will stay in the same spot every year as the damage it does is fairly permanent and the Park Manager doesn't want two areas damaged. The other area mooted originally is now covered in wild flowers and this would not be successful if it was used every other year for the festival.


Keep your eyes open for the many events that will be happening in the park this year. I hope to see you at some of them.

Vivienne Cane-Honeysett